Power Together

Commercial Utilities

Our full Commercial Utility Service takes the stress away from your business, combining competitive prices with Exemplary Customer Service throughout your contract.

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Renewable Energy

We pride ourselves in taking the initiative to lead the way to a cleaner future - offering Carbon Offsetting Solutions, 100% Renewable Contracts & PPA based Solar Installations with no up-front cost.

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Phone & Broadband

We offer fantastic deals on high speed Broadband for your Business including VoIP Systems and Unlimited Contracts at great prices covering many competitive packages.

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Our Mission

Leading The Way to a Brighter Future

Our mission does not stop at providing an impartial 5* Utility Consultancy Service - we are taking the push to bring Renewable Energy to everyone who has the capacity to use it. Our partnerships allow us to offer multiple avenues of clean energy through sourcing green energy directly to your business, installing PPA based solar panels on your premises with no up front cost & offsetting your carbon usage through tree planting organisations which also offers jobs to Nations around the world that needs it most.

Our Services

We know it can be a hassle to set up & manage Utilities for your Business, taking up precious time that you do not have to spare. That's why we make it easy for you to save money on your bills and keep the lights on for you.

Contract Procurement

We work with every Big 6 Supplier as well as over 20 smaller suppliers which we navigate based on your circumstances to provide the most competitive price with no impartial agreement to any individual supplier.

Account Management

Our staff have decades of industry experience and have yet to face a problem that can not be fixed. From the beginning of your contract with us until the end we will manage & deal with issues regarding your supply with our 5* Rated Account Management Service.

Bill Evaluation

Many hidden charges are often missed by the untrained eye, we know exactly what you should be paying and will spot hidden charges and overpriced bills a mile off & process refunds through suppliers when possible on your behalf while taking 0% of the supplier Backdate.

Renewal Management

Every year untold thousands of pounds are spent on Business Owners rolling into deemed or Out Of Contract rates when their contracts end. Our software flags up renewals within 6 Months to prevent that from happening, we will have your prices ready and steps already in place before you have to deal with overpaying due to an oversight.

Carbon Offsetting

We have multiple partnerships with Renewable Energy companies as we make the push to turning the UK to Green Energy, we have many options for businesses small or large to offset your Carbon Usage or create Green Energy at your premises via Solar Panels & Other Ongoing Renewable Options.

Face to Face Partnership

We don't believe in bombarding you with unwanted calls in order to procure contracts, our sales agents believe in a Face to Face relationship with our partners unless requested otherwise, you will always have an expert agent at the ready to speak to if you are ever in need of support or signing contracts.

Announcing Our Partnership With Eden Reforestation

Our new exciting partnership with ERP allows us to provide options for our clients to offset your Carbon Usage & help impoverished nations at the same time with the Aim of providing a fair wage to individuals by turning them into of Global Reforestation.

We are partnering alongside them to achieve their mission of planting 100 Million Trees worldwide per year by the end of 2020 and employing Tens of Thousands of people where unemployment is rampant.

Our Work Process

Meet Our Agents








Step 01.

Meet with or contact one of our expert agents in order to begin our partnership, discuss expectations and learn more about your business.

Step 02.

We will find the best deal that suits you, and look into options that we can do to benefit you and your business that we discussed in the initial meeting.

Step 03.

We will contact you about our offer and what we suggest based on the previous steps, and describe in as much detail that you need as to how we will put the plan into action.

Step 04.

We will put your new contract into place and begin launching any renewable options, audits and services that we discussed, from this point on you have full access to our Team whenever you need.

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